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Living in Two Kingdoms – by Dr. Glenn Jago

Living in Two Kingdoms (Christmas Sunday)

Matthew 2:1-12

It is interesting to read this passage with a sensitivity toward looking at the contrasts between two distinct, and unequal, kingdoms – Satan’s and God’s. Throughout Old Testament history, God revealed his predetermined will to those chosen by God to carry out his will, while Satan pursued his desire to stop, kill, or disrupt it. Now when God the Son took on flesh and came to this earth, Satan used his resources to destroy this baby, while God fulfilled prophecy.

There are included, within this familiar Christmas story of God incarnate being born, secondary insights intended for believers to gain victory against the kingdom of Satan. This sermon will seek to demonstrate an encouraging word that will help believers live by faith in the power of God at work no matter what Satan’s kingdom throws at them.

The Story’s plot:

I. God’s unstoppable plan – Matthew 2:1-6

II. Herod’s unspeakable passion – Matthew 2:7-9, 16

III. Wise men’s unrelenting praise – Matthew 2:10-12

The Story’s pursuit:

1. Living in God’s kingdom means pursuing God’s truth

2. Living in God’s kingdom means poised to fight the enemy by God’s power 2 Cor. 10:3-6

3. Living in God’s kingdom means passionate worship of Jesus Christ



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