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March 17, 2019 – Consistently Desire God’s Answer by Dr. Glenn Jago

Consistently Desire God’s Answer

By Dr. Glenn Jago

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Psalm 63

Every one of us yearns for the exhilaration of the supernatural work of the Lord that bolsters our emotions and verifies our sense of self- worth. We are, after all, emotional creatures. However, be forewarned; this can be addictive. The more we desire God’s gifts at the expense of His glory, the easier it becomes to view God as our genie rather than our creator and savior. What is the danger? To live the Christian life only for what one can get out of the relationship rather than pursuing Him for His glory.

David experienced the supernatural demonstration of God’s power early in his life when he killed a lion, bear, Goliath, and many Philistines. On top of all that, Samuel anointed him as the next king. In spite of it all, there remained one passion and drive in David’s heart – enjoying God. How was that possible, when he was now living in the wilderness away from all the magnificent display of God’s power as he wrote Psalm 63?

We need to determine what it is that we cannot live without so we may pursue what indeed characterizes our identity in Christ. We all live in a shifting world that demands an anchor that keeps the soul.

1. Pursuing Christ in the morning strengthens resolve – Psalm 63:1-5
2. Pondering on Christ at night secures rest – Psalm 63:6-11

1. Each new day: practice, learn, then anticipate before Jesus Christ
2. Each close of the day: reflect, determine, then rest in Jesus Christ

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