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May 12, 2019 – Commending the Messiah as King and Priest by Dr. Glenn Jago

Commending the Messiah as King and Priest

Psalm 110

The reality of the work of the long-awaited Messiah has dramatic outcomes in every aspect of the believer’s life. In times of joy and prosperity, Jesus Christ is the provider. In times of pain and sorrow, Jesus Christ is the protection and answer. In times of doubts, fears, and apprehensions, Jesus Christ is the rock that never crumbles. Compellingly, as Jesus Christ is the central figure in Scripture, He is also the central figure for the believer’s identification in thought, attitude, word, and action. Indeed, the splendor of our life is only because of Jesus Christ. However, who He is and why He is so prominent are questions seeking answers.

Psalm 110 provides the answer because it is the most potent Messianic prophecy in all of the Wisdom literature. It is the most quoted in the New Testament, the most persuasive argument for the deity of Jesus, the most secure message for the preachers in Acts, the most irrefutable authentication of the superiority of Christ’s sacrifice and priesthood in Hebrews, and the most reliable reason believers are conquerors in Revelation.

In preparation for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, here are three commendations that exalt our Lord and Savior.

I. Salvation fixed by the position of the Messiah – Psalm 110:1-2
II. Service formulated by the power of the Messiah – Psalm 110:3
III. Stability firmed by the priesthood of the Messiah – Psalm 110:4-7

1. Christ’s sacrifice purges our sin – Hebrews 9:26
2. Christ’s sacrifice permits access to God – Hebrews 9:24
3. Christ’s sacrifice produces eagerness for Him – Hebrews 9:28

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