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May 19, 2019 – Celebration and Worship Generated by the Scripture by Dr. Glenn Jago

Celebration and Worship Generated by the Scripture

Psalm 119

Amid the growth of secular truth claims, the motivation for godly living is becoming more of a battleground than times in the past. The aptitude toward knowing the right from wrong, according to God’s standard, is dead, and the convictions acquired from the Scriptures appear oppressive. Unfortunately, pressure begins to mount against the believer to abandon their beliefs. Consequently, worship begins to exalt the individual rather than Jesus Christ. In our time, the fashionable trend among Christendom is to celebrate the Exceptional You as it worships human sovereignty rather than Christ’s sovereignty.

Thankfully, Psalm 119 counters the trend by presenting the reflections of a heart that is passionate for God and His word. In every situation of life, Scripture alone should be our motivation for celebration and worship. As presented, this Psalm is a highly detailed instruction on how to live steadfast and pure before Almighty God.

Here are three principles to guide the believer’s path toward greater love and enjoyment of God and His word.

I. God’s word changes our heart – Psalm 119:2
II. God’s word creates our desire – Psalm 119:47-48
III. God’s word cultivates our practice – Psalm 119:18

1. Scripture was Christ’s customary approach – Mathew 4:1-11
2. Scripture is Paul’s confession for Holy Spirit living – Colossians 3:16
3. Scripture is Hebrews’ characterization for discernment – Hebrews 4:16

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