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The Determined Power of God’s Word, Part 2; by Dr. Glenn Jago

The Determined Power of God’s Word, Part 2

Acts 17:16-34

Imagine you walk into a conference room, and immediately notice the place is full of icons, portraits of idols, several artist renderings of ancient symbols, and groups of people in an intense discussion over philosophical matters. You suddenly realize you walked into the middle of an argument. You hear an older man with combed-over greasy hair, disproportionately covering several bald spots, conversing, “We are here as a result of the gods, who were banished, and now life is all about pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. There is nothing after death since we are mere material atoms.”  A younger well-dressed woman with a red beat face and flared nostrils retorts, “You are wrong, everything is God, and everything in this world proceeds according to a fixed law, and we are powerless to change anything.”

Everyone in the room realizes your presence and stares at the large black Bible in your hands. You quickly realize that you went into the wrong meeting room and are now standing face to face with a room full of philosophy professors from the city’s prestigious university. Their observation of your Bible amuses them to the point where they ask you to answer two questions, “Where does life and being come from, and who is running the universe?” What would you do and more importantly, how would you respond?

From the beginning of time, Satan’s only strategy is to replace truth with lies. On the surface, it appears he is having great success, as evidenced by our culture’s acceptance of human autonomy, and rejection of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. For believers, the struggle centers on the method for defeating Satan’s schemes.

The Lord, who controls everything, placed Paul into the center of a city full of idolatrous worship.  The city of Athens was famous for their literature, philosophy, science, and above all their extensive array of idols. Paul encountered a gathering of intellectuals seeking to be amused by his strange teaching. Paul’s approach to this encounter is a valuable life lesson as we face the challenges of our post-truth culture. The lesson to learn from Paul on Mars Hill is that God’s Word is the only power that can break every chain of darkness.

Essential truths realities

  1. Beyond the flash of society, sin remains – Acts 17:16-21
  2. Beyond the face of idols, God rules – Acts 17:22-29; Jer. 10; Isa. 44:9-20
  3. Beyond the fact of security, God requires – Acts 17:30-31
  4. Beyond the faction of response, truth remains.

Plausible ponderings:

  1. Truth is indispensable for confident living in a confusing world
  2. Arguments are roadblocks to the Gospel
  3. Testimony supports not replaces the Gospel
  4. Questions generate opportunities

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