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May 5, 2019 – Counteracting Hardship with God’s Faithfulness by Dr. Glenn Jago

Counteracting Hardship with God’s Faithfulness

Psalm 105

In any given day, many disruptions will potentially pull your heart away from Christ. Indeed, multiple disrupters in the world and the church are capable of taking your commitment to Christ off course and drive you into despair. The question of what you pursue to counter those adverse interruptions and distractions reveals the passions of your heart. Each person has many options within their culture to gain relief. Those options may consist of sports, music, money, friends, spouse, social media, and much more. The problem is, they never satisfy or bring relief.

Psalm 105 provides the object of our pursuit when caught up in the hardships and interferences of life. It manages to take our attention off the allurements of the world and place it on our Creator and all his actions and character. Thinking through the biblical accounts of God’s work throughout the Old Testament is an excellent tool for gaining strength in life.

Here are three patterns of thinking when facing desires that are the antithesis of fear, frustration, and failure.

I. Reflecting a heart for God – Psalm 105:1-6
II. Rehearsing the wonders of God – Psalm 105:7-42
III. Remaining committed to God – Psalm 105:43-45

1. The heart for God is the heart for Christ – John 5:23; 14:1
2. The heart for Christ reflects the core love for others – Colossians 3:12-14, Ephesians 4:32

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