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Obedience Is Not Only an Action, But An Attitude by Duane Adler

Obedience Is Not Only an Action, But An Attitude, Duane Adler, Director of Youth and Visitation

The Book of Jonah

Obedience in action only is NOT true obedience. Think to the days when your parents asked you to do something and you obeyed, yet obeyed begrudgingly. How about your obedience to God? How often do you obey God in action only? God wants our full obedience, but more than that, He wants our full surrender. True obedience required our heart, mind, and body to be in full agreement. The book of Jonah provides us with great insight into attributes of God.

1) God is showing us that He is the One and only true God.

2) God is the only One who controls nature.

3) God is in complete control of our lives.

4) God is always with us.

5) God is impossible to run or hide from.

6) God is worthy of all our praise, worship, honor, and service.

This book also prefigured Christ as the Sent One, suffering death, being buried, and after rising from the grave, ministering salvation to the Gentiles. Matthew 12:39-42 and Luke 11:29-32. Luke 11:32, “behold, something greater than Jonah is here.”

God knows the real you, He knows everything about you, and there’s nothing in your life that is a surprise to Him. God controls everything in your life. We are lumps of clay, created by God, being molded by God. Even when we think our lives are spiraling out of control we can rest assured that God has not abandoned us and is in complete control.

God wants to use each and everyone of us and has a special plan for each of us. He will pursue us as He desires to continue to mold us as the clay He formed so that we will glorify Him with our lives. Will you surrender to the Lord and His call for your life?

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