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Remembering Jesus Christ: Humbled and Exalted by Dr. Glenn Jago

“Remembering Jesus Christ: Humbled and Exalted”

Daniel 4:28-37

In our modern times, to be political, regrettably means to be manipulative, inflating, and boastful. Anyone living from that perspective will find it difficult to see the need for submitting to the absolute authority of God. Yet, this highly exalted God, which man chose to ignore, has provided something immeasurable for their over-inflated self-esteem; he gave us his Son who left an exalted position, humbled himself by taking on flesh, and became our sacrifice so we can be declared righteous and be exalted in heavenly places. Therefore, from the testimony of this over-inflated king, comes the opportunity to remember who actually rules over the affairs of nations and kings. It also opens up the opportunity to remember who willingly left the glory of heaven to humble himself and provide salvation for his enemies. Now that is something to remember.

 God’s story as told by a humbled king:

  1. Opportunities to learn about God – Daniel 2:47; 3:26; 4:2, 17, 25, 34
  2. Opposition against self-exaltation – Daniel 4:13-16, 19-24, 27, 28-33
  3. Occasion for exaltation after humiliation – Daniel 4:34-37

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