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Struggling in the Walk of Faith by Dr. Glenn Jago

Genesis 11:31-13:4

In God’s amazing display of sovereignty and grace, he calls the sinner out of a life of death in sin and into a life of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Instantly, the believer is now a new creation and the former life of bondage to sin is transformed to a freedom of living by faith. Now, everything looks bright and the promises of God are clear and exciting and the believer is ready to walk in the strength of faith. Suddenly, without warning, the believer is hit with a tragedy or an overwhelming struggle that pulls against the once confident trust in God and turns trust into a bundle of fear and anxiety. Is there something wrong with my faith? Is there something wrong with me? Why did God allow this to happen?

Abraham’s walk of faith teaches us not only about walking in the call and blessing of God, but also in the struggles of life.

Walking in faith engages:
I. The choice of faith – Genesis 11:31-12:1
II. The blessing of faith – Genesis 12:2-5
III. The worship in faith – Genesis 12:6-9
IV. The struggle in faith – Genesis 12:10-20
V. The restoration in faith – Genesis 13:1-4

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