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The Gospel’s Protection: Stability by Dr. Glenn Jago

Galatians 4:8-20

In the face of a struggle, or in the moment of disillusionment, or at the time of an intense temptation, it becomes very easy for us to fall back on those weak and worthless elements that formerly guided and controlled our lives. Likewise, in the face of watching another believer falling back to those same elements, it can become a temptation for us to be disillusioned or proud of our own strength. How we face these trials speaks volumes about our own comprehension of the position we already have in Christ and of the love we have for others.

Yes, there are many enticements in this world and many who seek to pull us away from the truth of our nature, identity, and inheritance in Christ. Therefore, too often, it becomes easy to return again to what comes natural to our flesh in the face of the problem, and to forget our standing in Christ. Why we are so easily enticed, how we can avoid returning to our old way of thinking, and how we can help a struggling believer, characterizes the truth Paul addresses in this passage.
Paul comes to a very emotional section as he lovingly confronts these believers and seeks to pull them out of the jaws of the false teachers, by calling them back to the truth; the truth regarding their relationship with Christ and the intensity required for helping these believers. How does he do that?

I. The truth behind the struggle – Galatians 4:8-11, 16-17
II. The triumph over the struggle – Galatians 4:12-20

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