Church of the Open Door

The Great Commission Guarantees Success

Matthew 28:18-20

The overall focus for 2016 is: “Advancing the Gospel for the Glory of God” as based on Matthew 28:18-20. The gospel must be understood more significantly than just proclaiming evangelism. After all, contained in this passage is the command to make disciples, learners and followers of Christ, not just converts of Christ.

Importantly, disciple-making can only be accomplished because Christ reigns, having fulfilled all that the Father decreed. The gospel powerfully sets sinners free from the bondage of sin and declares them completely righteous before God; then continues to sanctify and grow the believer into the image of Christ. Therefore, disciple-making is a natural part of being in relationship with Jesus Christ. This is not a responsibility in order to gain a greater standing before the Lord, nor is it a responsibility for a certain class of believers. It is the joy of every believer as they are in a relationship with the lord.

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