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The Significance in the Words of God by Dr. Glenn Jago

Genesis 17:1-18:15

We are learning, through the life of Abraham, just how unpredictable our walk of faith can be in the face of fluctuating circumstances and struggles of life. Certainly, God provided complete grace and enduring faith as a gift for salvation in Jesus Christ, but the development of that faith is filled with ups and downs. Every experience in our walk of faith should be a learning and growing experience, unless we are too focused on self. There is, however, something of greater consequence than proving our own ability; it is God’s reputation and glory that are at risk. God’s words are never intended to develop dependence in our own resources, but to develop dependence on God through Jesus Christ.
In this section, Abraham is now 99 years old and from his perspective, his whole life appears meaningless. He has no son and no land, but plenty of failures and unfulfilled promises. How does God strengthen Abraham at this low point in his life? Importantly, this section has more to do with God’s ability to provide, than it has to do with Abraham’s ability to perform.
Lessons to learn:
I. God’s demands are based on God’s promises – Genesis 17:1-14
II. God’s determination is not dependent on man’s perspective – Genesis 17:15-21
III. God’s dominion is unchallenged by human predicaments – Genesis 18:1-15

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