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The Simplicity of Trusting the Lord by Dr. Glenn Jago

Genesis 24

Jesus accomplished the impossible when he took a small band of insignificant and inept disciples and used them to impact the whole world. During the life of Christ, the disciples did not project confidence nor did they grasp the mission and vision taught by Christ. Everything about the disciples, prior to Christ’s ascension, was wrought with failure, infighting, anxiety, pettiness, selfishness, and unbelief. Everything about the disciples after Christ’s ascension was filled with victory, compassion, faith, love, humility, and strong dependence on Christ. What moved the disciples from struggling in the flesh to accomplishing the ministry with simplicity?

Abraham faced times of struggle against weakness and failure, yet when commanded by God to sacrifice Isaac, there was a seeming simplicity in his obedience. God amazingly provided a substitute and since Isaac lived, the new challenge was whether God would be able to provide a seed beyond one generation? Does this demand a struggle in the flesh or a simplicity of trusting the Lord? Abraham’s servant becomes a great illustration for what happens when an obedient servant performs the Master’s mission by trusting the Master’s resources.

Reflections from the Narrative:

Principles for Living:

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