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The Stability within our Walk of Faith by Dr. Glenn Jago

Genesis 15:1-21

Living by faith in this fallen world often yields frustrating challenges, especially when our emotions become elevated by reason of some unavoidable circumstance or tragedy. Frequently, when God’s promises are delayed, our emotions take over, and we respond in despair, fear, or anxiety. As a result, we begin to look for ways to strive harder, assuming that walking in faith is dependent on our ability to “hunker down and be strong.” But, how are we to deal with God’s delays? Is God waiting for us to get our act together and do something? The difficulty is not due to the lack of God’s ability, but on our low view of God and our high view of human capability. What we must learn is that the value and stability of faith is grounded in the power and sovereignty of God alone.

Abraham, thankfully, offers us a realistic view for what living by faith looks like, in process and in lessons, while in the midst of waiting on God to carry out his promise.

I. The process within faith:

A. God’s promises; Abraham’s growth – Genesis 15:1-11

B. Abraham’s terror; God’s providence – Genesis 15:12-16

C. God’s covenant; Abraham’s stability – Genesis 15:17-21

II. The lessons to learn:

A. Faith is God’s gift, but its demonstration is growing

B. Faith’s stability is entirely God’s work

C. Faith’s strength grows in obedient response to God’s Word

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