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The Suffering and Surrender of those Walking in Faith by Dr. Glenn Jago

Genesis 21:1-23:1

You made the excellent choice to live under the authority of God and to wait on him for answered prayer. The waiting seemed long and endless, but with determination you chose to trust in the Lord. Thankfully, after this long hardship, the Lord answered your prayer and the waiting ended. You joyfully shared testimony of the goodness of the Lord, the blessing of prayer, and the benefits of waiting on the Lord. All is calm, all is bright, until the pain of suffering emerges and throws you back into unrest. Yes, even in the midst of your celebration and recommitment to Christ, the venom of jealousy, unjust treatment, rejection, false accusations, or a fiery trial can turn your world upside down. Did you know that your reaction exposes your true affection and worldview?

Abraham, after 25 years of waiting, finally received the answer to his prayer – Isaac. It was now time for Abraham to enjoy the fruit of God’s blessings. Unfortunately, life does not always work that way because there is no immunity from suffering, even if you are Abraham. Therefore, what can we learn about God and our walk of faith when, instead of enjoying the blessing of God, we end up facing trouble?

I. Sinful flesh attacks, God’s faithfulness advances – Genesis 21:8-14; Galatians 4:28-31; 1 Peter 4:12-16
II. Sinful flesh appropriates, God’s sovereignty avenges – Genesis 21:22-34; Romans 12:17-21
III. The righteous abandon, God’s love arranges – Genesis 22:1-19; James 2:21-24

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