Church of the Open Door

The Ultimate Worship, Feast, and Battle

Revelation 19:1-21

The recipients of this apocalyptic book are similar to the recipients of today – both live in an excessively immoral and wicked culture seeking to infiltrate and dominate the thinking of every believer. As each believer reads “the true words of God” it is vital to their faith and practice to cherish the sovereign control demonstrated by God in every culture. John teaches us about the elements of worship, about the result of God’s reign and the final outcome of this whole world all in three stages of one chapter.

Warning: this reading may erupt in humble worship to the Supreme God!

  1. The ultimate worship – Rev 19:1-6
    1. The 4-fold exuberant response
    2. The 4-fold expressed reason
  2. The ultimate feast – Rev. 19:7-10
    1. The 3-fold obedient response with 1-warning
    2. The 2-fold reason
  3. The ultimate battle – Rev. 19:11-21

• Close your eyes and meditate on the Scriptures as they are read

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