Church of the Open Door

Truth Exposes Distortion

Mark 12:1-12

God’s Word teaches that the greatest exposure to distortions of truth is truth. Since God’s Word is truth and declares Jesus as truth, would it not make sense that all claims of truth must be substantiated by God’s Word? We are faced with many versions of truth, through social media, news media, print media and casual conversations, but are you able to discern what real truth is? The Israelites were completely indoctrinated with the distorted version of truth; Jesus, in His parables, exposes this distortion. What happens when the distorters of truth meet face-to-face with truth? The reality of this parable needs our full attention.

I. The Parable

A. The provision – Mark 12:1-2; Isaiah 5:2
B. The reaction – Mark 12:3-8
C. The response – Mark 12:9

II. The Interpretation

A. Confronting distortion – Mark 11:27-12:9; Isaiah 5:1-7
B. Criterion for truth – Mark 12:10-11; Psalm 118:22-23
C. Customary faces of distortion

1. Sinister face of tradition – Mark 12:38-40
2. Social face of entitlement – Mark 11:27-33
3. Stylish face of hatred – Mark 14:61-65; 15:13-14


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