Church of the Open Door

Sermons 2013

  • September 15, 2013

    Advancing God’s Glory through Prayer

    by COD

    Daniel 2:14-30 The pressures of life, whether a life threatening disease, a phone call that reveals bad news, missed deadlines, or even the boredom of a monotonous life, have one thing in common – reaction! Reaction exposes the object of a person’s trust, while that exposed trust will either promote or violate God’s glory. Specifically, […]

  • September 8, 2013

    Finding the Oasis in the Desert of Judgment

    by COD

    Ezekiel 36:25-33 The desert may be a dry, barren, dangerous, and lonely place, but yet, it can provide beneficial instruction as demonstrated throughout the Scriptures. A person can spend a lifetime living in a fantasy world, and never realize the eternal danger ahead, unless God’s judgment shatters the fantasy and reveals His oasis. Ezekiel introduces […]

  • September 1, 2013

    Measuring God’s Faithfulness

    by COD

    Lamentations 3:16-33 The Hebrew title for “The Book of Lamentations” is the exclamation, “How!” Lord, You let this happen to us! This exclamation, challenges the very core of God’s faithfulness. Jeremiah walks us through his lament, from A to Z, as he weeps over Judah’s sin, but eventually rejoices over God’s faithfulness. It is important […]

  • August 25, 2013

    The Word of the Lord will Stand

    by COD

    Jeremiah 44:24-29 In the movie, The Da Vinci Code, leading actor Sir Ian McKellen, when asked about providing a “fiction” disclaimer for the movie, foolishly responded with, “Well, I’ve often thought the Bible should have a disclaimer in the front saying ‘this is fiction.’ I mean, walking on water – it takes an act of […]

  • August 18, 2013

    The Gospel Message

    by COD

    Today was our annual community breakfast.