Church of the Open Door

Sermons 2014

  • December 28, 2014

    The Path of Strength in 2015 by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    I cannot overstate the importance for understanding the foundation of the origin of the world with its connection to Christianity. Someone has stated that the first 11 chapters of Genesis provides the backdrop for every doctrine that appears in all of Scripture and is, by the way, the very expression of God’s perspective.

  • December 21, 2014

    Christ: The One Sacrifice for Sins by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    Jesus Christ is the very radiance of the glory of God because he is God come to earth. Jesus Christ is the great high priest because he is the sacrifice for sin that would satisfy the holy demand of God. Now in our current passage, Jesus Christ is the only Savior because he ultimately and finally dealt with sin. But how are we able to identify the consistency of the Old Testament language (Leviticus 16:2) with the New Testament finished work of Jesus Christ? The following progressive truth standards demonstrate the absolute superiority of the Christ who is clearly at the center of Christmas.

  • December 14, 2014

    Christ: The Merciful and Faithful High Priest by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    The whole reality of Christmas is absolutely amazing and transforming when you realize that the same Son who is expressed as the “radiance of the glory of God,” is also the Son who is the “merciful and faithful high priest.” Yes, the Christ at the center of Christmas is fully God and fully man in one person, which is why Paul is able to state precisely about Christ, “For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily.”

    Are you aware that the hardest truth to protect from distortion is not the deity of Christ but his humanity? For instance, how is it possible that God could experience hunger, thirst, weakness, temptation to sin, and even death? This Scripture passage, in Hebrews, clearly focuses on the contrast between the one described as “God” with the one described as “human.”

  • December 7, 2014

    Who is this Christ at the Center of Christmas? Part 1: Christ: The Radiance of the Glory of God by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    The “Modern” society’s old approach to the truth about the Christ of Christmas is dictated by its own intellect; therefore, this Christ is illogical and has been replaced by the all-loving, all- knowing Santa Claus. The “Postmodern” society’s renewed approach to the truth about the Christ of Christmas is dictated by its despair for the present; therefore, this Christ is subjective and is replaced by “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer.” Believer, let us be careful that we do not minimize the absolute sufficiency of Jesus Christ by placing him into the status of mere opinion. Rather we need to remember that he is the radiance of the glory of God. Here are two truths generated from the author’s focus on Jesus Christ.

  • November 30, 2014

    Caring for Others in the Body of Christ by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    Everyone born into this world is born dead in trespasses and sins, walking according to the pattern of this world, having no hope, and without God. But thanks to Jesus Christ, those who believe have been redeemed by his blood, taken out of darkness and placed into light, granted access by one Spirit to the Father, and have been made alive in Christ. Now we are able to walk worthy of God in strong confidence because we have been called into his kingdom, rendered saints and members of the household of God, and joined to the Body of Christ. In this exalted position, Christ calls us to minister to one another with spiritual gifts through a caring and serving ministry that strengthens, protects, and encourages one another for the glory of Jesus Christ. But, what does it mean to be a good minister of Jesus Christ? Paul shares two essentials required for all who represent Jesus Christ in ministry.