Church of the Open Door

Sermons 2015

  • May 31, 2015

    The Gospel’s Impact on the Minister and his Message by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    Our life, as a believer, seems to pass through many seasons of strength and weakness, which at times may trigger, in us, either encouragement or discouragement. What will we do when facing our season of weakness? Will we seek for something more or will we be driven deeper into trusting the sufficiency of Jesus Christ? Our answer, unfortunately, will become the fuel we will pursue in order to offset the weakness and its accompanying discouragement. Either the Gospel impacts us or we need to seek for more resources.

  • May 24, 2015

    Remembering Jesus Christ: Humbled and Exalted by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    In our modern times, to be political, regrettably means to be manipulative, inflating, and boastful. Anyone living from that perspective will find it difficult to see the need for submitting to the absolute authority of God. Yet, this highly exalted God, which man chose to ignore, has provided something immeasurable for their over-inflated self-esteem; he gave us his Son who left an exalted position, humbled himself by taking on flesh, and became our sacrifice so we can be declared righteous and be exalted in heavenly places. Therefore, from the testimony of this over-inflated king, comes the opportunity to remember who actually rules over the affairs of nations and kings. It also opens up the opportunity to remember who willingly left the glory of heaven to humble himself and provide salvation for his enemies. Now that is something to remember.

  • May 17, 2015

    Lessons from the Tower by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    It is hard to overstate the importance for the believer to be disciplined for the purpose of godliness (1 Tim 4:7) when living life from God’s perspective. Essentially, each of us must “properly address the spiritual condition of our soul” if we are to stand against the strong attractions of a secular worldview. This weight of conviction is evidenced from the failure of humanity as they are caught up in replacing the all-powerful God for a god of their own design. The lessons from the tower stand as a reminder of three very important truths necessary for standing strong in godliness.

  • May 10, 2015

    God’s Blessing in the Midst of Sin by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    Once again the continuing story about Noah is more about God than the unusual accounts about a man and his brave expeditions in antiquity. Each chapter unfolds with a greater and deeper insight into the characteristics of God and his determination for dealing with fallen humanity. For instance, the increasing corruption that released God’s judgment teaches us about God’s righteousness and holiness, while the global flood teaches us about God’s omnipotence and compassion.

  • May 3, 2015

    God’s Place of Refuge by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    As we learn more and more about how God deals with his creation, we cannot help but begin to formulate viewpoints regarding how God will deal with us. Thankfully, at no point does God ever lose control (even in Baltimore) or look the other way when sin abounds. God, even today, will not allow sin to gain full control over his creation but will provide the balance of judgment and grace.