Church of the Open Door

Sermons 2015

  • March 22, 2015

    Life in the Midst of Death by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    The impact of the sin of Adam produced a permanent result called the sin nature which, by the way, is passed on to everyone born into this world. This sin nature always opposes God (Ps. 14:1-3) and results in death (Romans 6:23). But is this the final word for humanity? Is there any hope for life in the midst of death? Job asks, “If a man dies, shall he live again?” (Job 14:14) Genesis 5 provides the answer of hope and its core truths necessary for living life from God’s perspective.

  • March 15, 2015

    Cain, Seth: There is a Difference by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    In the midst of the sin of Adam and Eve, God promised a unique seed that would result in the death blow to the serpent, the Devil. The Scriptures now provide an account of two kingdoms functioning side by side; the kingdom ruled by Satan and God’s universal kingdom. Amazingly, not everything that comes out of Satan’s kingdom is dreadful, in fact, many developments and advances of the antediluvian period are still in full use today. But, even good inventions and activities of sinners can progress downward into outright idolatry.

  • March 8, 2015

    The Lurking Presence of Sin by Pastor Bryant Geating

    by COD

    Senior Pastor, Dr. Glenn Jago was at a Pastor’s Conference last week, so Family and Visitation Pastor, Bryant Geating was our speaker this week.

  • March 1, 2015

    The Grace of God’s Presence by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    The biblical worldview we have been pursuing involves the importance of the believer viewing life from God’s perspective and not the perspective of the culture or one’s own emotions. This biblical perspective requires the believer to make a choice in the midst of varying circumstances and trials; whether it is facing the death of a loved one, sickness, an unexpected phone call, criticism, personal failure, or a monotonous life. Consequently, if the awareness of the grace of God’s presence is not our abiding thought, we may find ourselves in constant turmoil, separate from the God’s intended rest (Hebrews 4:10), and straying from a life lived from God’s infinite perspective.

  • February 22, 2015

    Building your Marriage on God’s Foundation by Dr. Glenn Jago

    by COD

    God purposely created us so that we would be his image bearers, emissaries for ruling over creation, reflectors of his glory, and worshipers of him. Since God created everything with purpose and functionality, he created the woman to be the indispensable companion for the man. Interestingly, God places the institution of marriage into the creation account in order to establish its permanency.