Church of the Open Door

Faith Walkers; Teacher – Rich Lewis

Faith Walkers Bible Fellowship: 1 Peter

The Apostle Peter writes a letter to both Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus Christ in Asia minor to encourage them during very difficult times.  They are experiencing trials and persecutions for their faith in Christ.  He reminds them that the same trials and persecutions were also put upon Jesus and He responded in faith, following the will of the father in love and steadfastness.  Peter promotes that being saved from sin and daily living a righteous life in the midst of an unfriendly and unbelieving world builds our character and puts to silence the scoffers that would reject the Savior.

This verse-by-verse study of Peter’s letter to those experiencing various trials reveals that persecution nothing new, and a great teacher for Christians today who are, or will be, persecuted for naming the name of Jesus Christ. The study began March 25 and will continue for about 6 months.

  • Teacher: Rich Lewis
  • Location: ODCA Upper Level Room 9