Church of the Open Door

Fundamentals of the Faith

Fundamentals of the Faith

New FOF classes are starting! Starting January 21, 4:30—6:00 pm In the Conference Room

This 10-13 week study is for all Church of  the Open Door ministry leaders and also anyone interested in fostering a more intense foundational knowledge of God’s Word.  Please sign up today.

Why have an FOF class? The church today is a melting pot of people that have come from various church backgrounds and experiences. They may have been raised and instructed in a catholic church, or one of several protestant denominations. In their quest to understand the biblical truths of Scripture, they may have certain predispositions about what God’s Word says based on these early beliefs. Fundamentals of the Faith (FOF) is designed to present the truths of Scripture in a very straightforward way allowing the participants ample time to get their questions asked and answered through a study in God’s Word.

Fundamentals of the Faith are those truths which guide and govern our lives. They are the anchors of our faith; the standards by which we measure and weigh all other claims to truth. They are the basis for our priorities. They determine our eternal destiny as they should direct our earthly life.

While Bible teaching is the core element of the Fundamentals of the Faith ministry, prayer and fellowship among believers also play an important role in the vitality of the ministry.

The small-group environment encourages interaction between the teacher and student. Many Paul-Timothy relationships are built through the Fundamentals of the Faith ministry. Many, as a result of taking these classes, trust Christ as Lord and Savior.

FOF – Teaching Plan

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Bible
  • Lesson 2: How to Know the Bible
  • Lesson 3: God: His Character and Attributes
  • Lesson 4: The Person of Jesus Christ
  • Lesson 5: The Work of Christ
  • Lesson 6: Salvation
  • Lesson 7: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 8: Prayer and the Believer
  • Lesson 9: The Church: Worship and Fellowship
  • Lesson 10: Spiritual Gifts
  • Lesson 11: Evangelism and the Believer
  • Lesson 12: Obedience
  • Lesson 13: God’s Will and Guidance

FOF II – Fundamentals of the Faith

Refining the Mind for Christ

The Theology Program consists of 6 courses, each running 10 weeks in length, covering the 7 major doctrines;

  • Bibliology
  • Hermeneutics
  • Trinitarianism
  • Humanity
  • Sin
  • Soteriology
  • Ecclesiology
  • Eschatology

The first course helps you construct a foundation for thinking through theology, how to accurately approach truth, and what are the sources for theology. There is minimal homework and Scripture memorization.