Church of the Open Door

Truth Seekers; Teacher – John Eppley

This class is open to all adults every Sunday morning, 9:30 – 10:30, in the conference room off of the narthex.
Most Sundays the class is broken up into four parts:
– Prayer Requests and Praises
– Review of the Bible verses the Pastor will be discussing during the morning service
– A summary of current topics involving Israel or other prophecy news
– In-depth Study of a Bible book or topic suggested by a class member

Fall TopicComparing the teaching of the Catholic Church to Protestant/COD teachings.

The purpose of this study is to:

  1. Better understanding of the practices of our friends, families, and neighbors
  2. To be able to discuss the differences as we witness/deal with them.

The Objectives for this study are to:

  1. Compare the teachings of the Catholic Church to the Bible/COD FOF
  2. Be able to explain why we hold to the Bible teachings vs the practices of the Catholic Church.
  • Teacher: John Eppley
  • Location: Conference Room